24. Au Château de Chillon

23. A mes lecteurs et visiteurs

Au hasard de mes recherches sur l'Internet j'ai sélectionné quelques belles photographies prises au bord du lac Léman. Elle sont insérées dans les messages qui précèdent ou dans ceux qui suivent. Dans toute la mesure du possible, je me suis attaché à mentionner précisément les sources et les références de ces documents dont je ne suis pas l'auteur.
At random from my research on the Internet I selected some beautiful photographs taken on Lake Geneva. They are inserted into messages that precede and those that follow. As far as possible I have endeavored to state as precisely as possible the sources and references of these documents which I am not the author.

32. Près de Montreux

Artist Comments : Yesterday, I had a day off and went to the shore of the Leman lake, just where i live near Montreux. I planned to test my new ND grad Lee Filter. The light was powerful and I played a lot with the shadows of the trees, back-light. I find this one quiet good, with natural framing and soft colours.It's 16h16.

31. Genève nocturne

Artist Comments : took this night photo last sunday night , and I was surprised to see the Fountain on Lake Leman coloured in Red , later I understood that is used to do this for special celebrations but asking geneva people no one knewthe resaon why , however it was a very nice effect to see that Red fountain 140 mt. height reflecting into water .